Rhode Island Business Consulting and Roadmapping

Looking to make your business more efficient or increase sales?

Our business consulting and roadmapping service gives us the opportunity to sit down with you and truly learn the needs of your business. At this stage, we are looking to get a baseline of where your business is now, and using our research, develop a roadmap of potential strategies to get your business where it needs to be.

Why formal consultation is necessary:

Our business roadmapping sessions help us develop a very targeted strategy to our marketing and design projects. This research gives us insight into your industry and customers that will guide any decisions we make. It also helps us identify opportunities for marketing that may otherwise get overlooked.

Our consulting services also ensure that we are on the same page, and that you will have a clear guide on our intentions for the upcoming project.

Our consulting process:

  1. A (free) consultation by phone, or in-person, to figure out if our services are the right fit for your business
  2. We schedule an initial meeting (or meetings), in which we gather our initial research
  3. We use this research to develop a clear picture of your business, and strategies for improvement
  4. We then schedule a final meeting to go over what we have developed, and discuss our next steps

The deliverables:

The outcome of our consulting sessions is research and strategies. Essentially, the final deliverable is a blueprint to a well informed plan to improve your business. It also isn’t set in stone. You are welcome to take our advice, and do with it as you wish – even if that means bringing it to a competitor. Our research is 100% yours, with no reservations.

Our research covers things like:

  • How potential customers find services or products in your industry
  • Who your ideal customer is, and what each customer is worth to your business
  • Who your top competitors are, and an analysis of their strategies
  • What strategies we plan to take to reach those potential customers

& More. Every project is unique, which is why we place heavy emphasis on this part of our process.

Ready to get started?