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Rhode Island Web Design & Development

Website design without the hassle:

We make the process of getting a professional website easy. Most of our clients are small to medium businesses throughout Rhode Island, who do not have the time to learn everything there is to know about web design. Nor should they have to.

Our goal is to simplify the process of  getting a quality website, so you can focus on what matters – running your business.

We start with a map:

Our web design process starts with consulting sessions to determine what goals you intend to achieve by having a website. We develop a highly focused plan that ensures your website serves it’s intended purpose.

During these sessions, we identify things like:

  • What services or products your business offers
  • How to best present information about your business to customers
  • What keywords local customers are using to find your services or products
  • Competitors in your local market, and their strategies

Our websites are geared to solve problems:

Whether it be to increase customers, generate repeat business, or simply to inform — the outcome of our initial meetings is identifying areas of your business that can be improved by your website. Once we have identify exactly what those areas are, the end product is a website and marketing plan focused on providing the solution.

We analyze everything:

We’re data geeks. Most of our design decisions are based on data, so we never miss the mark. We also offer traffic analysis services to monitor the success of your business and identify areas for improvement.

And, all our sites are mobile:

Our websites are designed to be mobile friendly on devices of all screen sizes. Mobile users make up a large majority of internet traffic, and this trend is only growing. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly are frustrating. Happy visitors lead to happy customers. We offer basic mobile compatibility on any site we design, at no extra cost.

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